Marathon 2011

Marathon 2011

The 2500th anniversary of the Battle of Marathon will be celebrated September 9-11 2011 at Marathon, in Greece. We have the support of the Municipality of Marathon and we will put on a variety of period activities over the three days aimed at public education and entertainment, authentic recreation, and solemn recognition of the strivings and sacrifices by the men and women of two great cultures that helped to shape the modern world—both Persian and Greek.

The organizers would like to encourage every group to come with its own presentations and ideas for activities by the whole group of assembled reenactors, who will probably be the largest accumulation of “Hoplite Period” reenactors together in one place.

Plataean at Marathon
Photo of Krater BS 480 courtesy of Antikenmuseum Basel

We may or may not actually have a BATTLE reenactment. It is more likely that we will offer historical interpretation via vignettes and non-opposed demonstrations (the phalanx, the power of Persian archery) but if the organizers are able, consistent with safety and insurance, we will have some form of opposed line tactical demonstration.

Long marches?

Yes. It is six kilometers from our camp to the Tomb of the Athenians. It is another four kilometers to the Tomb of the Plataeans. It is two kilometers to the Trophy from our proposed camp and even farther to the location of the “grove” where the climactic final moments of the battle occurred. We may not get to all of these places, but if we do, we will almost certainly be walking or marching. And what could be more glorious? Every step will be on the field of Marathon.

We will certainly end the event in Piraeus, at the Archeon Gefsis (Taste of the Ancient World) restaurant, which has kline (couches) for 40 and tables for 200 more. We will be served an ancient Greek dinner and drink wine and listen to period music, and we will give some awards for those who have had the best impressions and done the most to make the event work. And finally, we hope to use that dinner as a springboard to forming a permanent international umbrella organization for all of the period reenactors, so that we can move forward towards the recreations of the battles at Artemesium, Thermopylae and Plataea in the next decade. And we hope that you all feel about this as we do!

If you plan to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime event, please complete the registration form to reserve your place.

Raven of ApolloShow your support of the Marathon event with the purchase of a handmade sterling silver shield, which comes either as a pin or a pendant. They are about 1/2 inch in diameter and have the Raven of Apollo etched onto the surface. They are made by Aurora Simmons, a professional jeweler and member of the Company of Plataians. All proceeds from the sale of these items goes to support the Marathon reenactment in Greece.